About us

LAB2 is a company that operates in the analytical market.

Because of our expertise, LAB2 has quickly grown into a reliable and fast partner for preventive maintenance, repairs and sale of analytical systems. LAB2 has, besides her own expertise,

established partnerships with well-known suppliers of laboratory equipment. Partnerships with suppliers makes LAB2 a reliable partner.

If you are interested in our delivery options and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

On this website we will inform you as extensively as possible about our delivery capabilities. You can also place orders and ask questions.

Moving laboratory equipment

In addition to standard moving companies, there are also companies that specialize in moving laboratories with advanced equipment. LAB2 Moving Service provides for laboratories and hospitals.

Moving Laboratories is a specialty of LAB2. Your sensitive equipment, such as analyzers is in good hands. We provide both transport and internal transport and installation.

In the preparations we can make a safety plan, coordinate schedules and advise which packaging material to use. If necessary we can dismantle the equipment for transportation for you, pack and make ready for use. The relocation of your laboratory is done with specially adapted (transport) resources.

“A normal moving company can throw often with boxes. Moreover, we validate immediately after moving the displaced equipment and we correct any error messages ”

“We provide a central contact person who coordinates the entire move, so that the customer can deal with his own work”

“Moving shock sensitive equipment such as chromatographs and spectrophotometers needs extra attention and expertise, as a spectrophotometer, a blow given the optics can be disordered”

“We also moved over the weekend to prevent downtime”