Thermo 6300 ICP/ OES

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Thermo ICAP 6300 ICP/OES

The requirement for “routine analysis” often results in systems variously described as rugged and reliable, simple to use by less experienced operators and complying with various regulatory authorities. It can mean systems of limited flexibility, unable to effectively cope with shifts in analysis needs or regulatory changes.
Utilizing the latest design techniques and innovative new technologies, the world’s most compact ICP system is not only ideal for routine use but also able to expand its capabilities as circumstances dictate.

Ergonomic Instrument Design
Designed with the user in mind, large sample compartment with open access makes set up and adjustments simple.

Simplified Set Up
A wide range of optimized sample introduction kits ensures the best results with all sample types.

Enhanced Stability
The integrated structural cast design and precision regulated optics ensure excellent long term stability.

Reduced Startup Time
Highly efficient distributed purge and compact high performance optical system greatly reduce gas consumption and initial startup time.

The ability to handle any sample type
The iCAP 6300 uses a new, highly efficient and high power solid state generator. With a wide range of sample introduction kits available, the instrument has the power to analyze any sample type.

Choose the optimum plasma view
Because different applications require a different approach to get the best results, the iCAP 6300 is available with either a dedicated radial or duo plasma source.
Choose the radial view for optimum performance and minimum interference with difficult samples such as metals or used oils. Alternatively, the Duo offers the flexibility of axial view for lowest detection limits and radial view for reduced interference; ideal for environmental samples.

No compromise optical design
Although compact in size the iCAP 6300 has a high performance optical system on the inside. The design has been optimized to offer excellent resolution over the entire spectrum from 166nm to 847nm enabling access to all wavelengths and minimizing spectral interference. The analysis of trace contaminants in complex matrices is now routine.

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