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Agilent 1200 Series G1316B TCC SL Thermostatted Column Compartment

The Agilent 1200 Series thermostatted column compartments are stackable
temperature-controlled column compartments for LC. They are available as
standalone modules or as a component of a Agilent 1200 Series system. They
are used for heating and cooling to meet extreme requirements of retention
time reproducibility.

  • The main features are:
    • Peltier heating and cooling from 10 degrees below ambient up to
    80 °C(G1316A) or 100 °C (G1316B SL/G1316C SL Plus) with high heating
    and cooling speeds for maximum application flexibility and stability,
    • holds up to three 30-cm columns and optimized design gives minimum dead
    volumes and maximum efficiency,
    • two independently programmable heat exchangers contribute volumes of
    only 3 and 6 µl,
    G1316B SL features additional heating and cooling devices for low flow
    rates, which reduce the risk of additional dispersion,
    G1316B SL and G1316C SL Plus can be supplemented by a kit to install a
    small heat-exchanger with 1.6 µl delay volume to reduce the delay volume.
    In additon a cooling device with 1.5 µl is available,
    • electronic column-identification module as standard for GLP
    documentation of column type, and major column parameters,
    • optional high-quality Rheodyne® column switching valves with ceramic
    stator-face assemblies for prolonged lifetime.

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